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Reclaimed Building Materials

Every business, especially ones in the construction and demolition trades, should be paying massive attention to their materials and how to make sure that everything they do and the products produce are both sustainable and environmentally friendly to match.

It is a huge priority over the coming years for all businesses to reduce their carbon footprint due to recent European and government rules which mean that we all have to adhere to guidelines when it comes to waste and recycling to create a better future for generations for years to come…

At Gloucester Demolition we are proud to offer just that! We are committed to saving all salvageable materials which are a huge valuable commodity to us and the planet!

Building Deconstruction

We can deconstruct building which essentially is the reverse of demolition. We will take the building down by hand, brick by brick, with only the minimum help from the mechanical machinery. 

Why all this?

This provides you with the opportunity to now reuse all the recycle materials. We can salvage 96% of all building materials from your project, enabling them to be used in other building projects!

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