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We love the Planet!

At Gloucester Demolition Ltd, we try to achieve 100% recycling on every project using registered disposal and recycling facilities. Our focus on recycling is one of the many reasons so many private and commercial organisations use our building demolition and deconstruction services. We reclaim a high percentage of salvageable materials for use in other building projects.


  • Wood – all timber is 100% recycled and turned into new sheets of MDF sheet board, chipboard or processed further and made into fuel for electricity generation. 
  • Metal – all metal objects are 100% recycled; processing and separation takes place on site to minimise transport/ sorting costs. The recycled steel is used in numerous applications, especially the car industry. 
  • Plasterboard – a newly identified recyclable material, and recently reclassified as a material not accepted at land fill, Gloucester Demolition Ltd recycle 100% of waste plasterboard. The plasterboard is processed to make new plasterboard sheets.
  • Concrete and brick – 100% recycled, whether it takes place on site or in our recycling facility, all of the hardcore is crushed and made into 6F2 grade recycled aggregate. This saves the need for 100s of lorry loads of waste going off-site removing material and onto site bringing new material in, a massive saving on the environment and reduction in our carbon footprint.
  • Glass – 100% recycled and made into new glass items.


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